Apartment Building For Sale

Are you looking for a highly desirable asset, something that you can invest in and grow your wealth for the future? Well, look no further then this beautifully renovated seller financed building in Cleveland. Ohio. The beautiful property which is located at 2073 Broadview/Roanoke, is a wonderful opportunity for any investor to take a look at this property and make some great income off it it. The property that is located right in the heart of Cleveland is a stellar investment opportunity for any buyer who wants to grow their income and jump into the hot rental market.

The unit which has six different apartments has been remodeled from top to bottom, with each unit featuring brand new paint and amenities throughout the entire unit. There is also central heat and air, which means that there will be happy tenants for years to come. With an estimated property tax of $4,377/year, this is a very affordable property to rent out and build income off of for a very long time. The property has been fully remodeled inside and out, and most of the hard work has already been done. Finding an apartment building in this good of shape is never an easy task, but the building at 2073 Broadview/Roanoke is a top notch investment opportunity.

Building a future with real estate is one of the smartest things that you can do, and the property at 2073 Broadview/Roanoke is one of the best deals on the Ohio real estate market today. You will not find another building that has been fully remodeled at a price this affordable anywhere else in the state. Take this wonderful investment opportunity and start building your wealth today, with six completed units this is a wonderful chance to have a life long investment. Read more information about apartment building for sale come visit https://apartmentloop.net/.


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